Sentence to think about :   The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.   B. B. King
CA Class of 2014

Activity Dates

Date Activity
May 17, 2014 Senior Prom - 6:00-10:00pm @ Jacksons Lodge, Canaan, VT  
May 20, 2014 Yearbook Dedication / Honors Assembly - 2:15pm  CE Gymnasium
May 23-25 2014 Senior Class Trip - Montreal
June 6, 2014 Class Night - 7:00pm CE Gymnasium
June 10, 2014 Graduation - 7:00pm CE Gymnasium

Colebrook Elementary
Colebrook Academy

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Teachers are expected to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools.  The miracle is that at times they accomplish this impossible task.

Haim G. Ginott
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