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CA Class of 2014

Activity Dates

Date Activity
May 17, 2014 Senior Prom - 6:00-10:00pm @ Jacksons Lodge, Canaan, VT  
May 20, 2014 Yearbook Dedication / Honors Assembly - 2:15pm  CE Gymnasium
May 23-25 2014 Senior Class Trip - Montreal
June 6, 2014 Class Night - 7:00pm CE Gymnasium
June 10, 2014 Graduation - 7:00pm CE Gymnasium

Colebrook Elementary
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Welcome to Colebrook School District Web Site

Colebrook School District

21 Academy Street

Colebrook, NH 03576

Colebrook Elementary
Colebrook Academy
27 Dumont Street
Colebrook NH 03576
Phone: (603) 237-4801
Fax: (603) 237-5246

Principal: Dan Gorham
Assistant Principal: Ryan Eames
13 Academy Street
Colebrook, NH 03576
Phone: (603) 237-8351
Fax: (603) 237-5717

Principal: Joanne Melanson
Assistant Principal: Richard Bond

School Administrative Unit #7 (SAU7)
21 Academy Street
Colebrook, NH 03576
phone: (603)237-5571          fax: (603) 237-5126
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Regional Cook-Off - by MrsTrask 15/04/2014 @ 17:46

Team Moose Muck will be representing Colebrook Academy at the Regional Cook-off on Wednesday, April 15th. Store owner and team coach, Carol Pires and team members Catherine Hodgdon and Amelia Sweatt will be presenting their Roasted Turkey Blaster to a panel of judges from the Abby Group. Winners will be announced and all participants will be honored at the Tillotson Center at a ceremony held At 6:00 on May 6th. This TEEN Cook-off was made possible thanks to the generous grant provided by the "Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation".  Good luck Moose Muck! tongue

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Think_Spring.jpgWalking Wednesdays - by MrsTrask 03/04/2014 @ 16:25

 Walking Wednesdays! biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin

Get those sneakers out. Beginning on the Wed. following vacation, April 30th , Colebrook Academy will be taking a 20 minute walk once the school busses roll. We will begin at the Academy and hoof it around town. This is a great stress reliever to end the day and also gets us going on a healthy physical and social lifestyle. EVERYONE is invited to join us; this includes students, community members and staff from CE. We are looking forward to taking part in the Granite Walk of Ages as a satellite site again this year, so this will get us ready to roll. Participants in the Granite Walk of Ages can then sign their pledge to continue walking a mile each day over the summer. cool

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TEEN COOK-OFF - by MrsTrask 01/04/2014 @ 15:24

 TEEN Cook-off

Two student teams from Colebrook Academy have been spending time working with local chefs in preparation for the upcoming TEEN Cook-off. The Dancing Bear and Moose Muck will face off in a competition on April 8th. Each team has been given nutritional specifications that they must meet by creating a meal that includes a sandwich. The winner of the local event will cook off against the winners from Pittsburg and Stewartstown in a district wide competition. All participants are being filmed throughout the process and this will be viewed by the public at an awards ceremony on May 6th at the Tillotson Center. Winning meals will also be featured as a special on the restaurant menu and on the school lunch menu. The Abbey group will serve as judges. 

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Early Release Day - by MrGorham 29/03/2014 @ 15:53

 Monday, April 7th will be an Early Release Day for Colebrook Schools.  Students will be released at 1:00 pm.  CES staff members will be meeting to discuss next year and continued school improvements.

April Advisory - by MrGorham 29/03/2014 @ 15:51

 CES will be having it's April Advisory on Friday, April 4th.  The topic for this month is Physical Activity so we will be giving our students and staff a good workout.

Guestbook - My favourite

Note #182 by Angie 14/02/2013 @ 00:53
I was a student in 1st grade at Colebrook Elementary in 1975-76. My teacher was Mrs. Owens (I think!) She was pregnant and our long term sub was Miss Blake. I can't believe I remember that! We only lived in Colebrook for a year or so, but I've been trying to find photos of the school on line, and can't find any. I used to walk to and from school from my house on 20 Colby Street with a little boy named Todd. I was wondering if anyone was there at that time. I also have a memory of Dick Hughes, who also lived on Colby Street, taking my father and I on snowmobiles way into the woods to the cabin of a very dirty, scary looking mountain man who lived alone up there. I also used to get sent home by the principal for wearing shorts (some older lady), even though the boys could wear them. My parents thought it was wrong and kept sending me to school in them as a protest, which mortified me! I think I was sent home many times. Does anyone have any information about these people or remember being there at the same time? Is the school still in that very old building? I live in NY now, but have been thinking about my time there lately. Please e-mail me if you remember anything:

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